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European Capitals

Capitals of culture, business and fun. The wide-ranging aspects Europe can be chosen as the perfect destination for a holiday trip, in couple or with one’s own friends.

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Known as  the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is the capital of fun and culture, with its hectic nightlife and its different kinds of cultural activities.

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Cradle of Western civilization and of the great philosophers, deeply tied to its idyllic past, Athens is nowadays a modern and lively city too, offering different kinds  of entertainment. 

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This European metropolis strictly linked to the  Catalan culture and full of centuries-old traditions, it's a charming city as for its architecture, trend, music and entertainment.

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It’s an ever-changing city with its peerless cultural events, its fabulous nightlife, its lush nature and lakes. 

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This suggestive city crossed by the Danube, combines in itself the splendour of the West with the traditions of Eastern Europe.

Book your  hotel in Budapest




Known as the city of the little mermaid, the Andersen’s fables and cycles, it's a lively and friendly city, showing the typical Scandinavian charm.

Book your hotel in Copenaghen




It’s the youngest and most bubbling capital city of Europe, an holiday destination always chosen by the lovers of pubs and of the inimitable brown ale Guinness. 

Book your hotel in Dublin




The capital city of Portugal, thanks to its favourable position on seven hills, in addition to its lively and various cultural events, it's a charming place to visit.

Book your hotel in Lisbon




A great historic-cultural heritage and a modern and cosmopolitan lifestyle attract people going to visit the lively  capital city of England.

Book your hotel in London




The capital city of Spain with its sounds, tastes  and traditions, gives you the chance to spend a cultural and funny holiday, enjoying the many attractions that can be found everywhere in the city.

Book your  hotel in Madrid




It’s the city of artists and lovers, rich in history and prestige. It charms for its boulevard, its suggestive monuments and its famous works of art.

Book your hotel in Paris




It’s the lively centre of the Czech Republic, a romantic and fairy-tale city with its nightlife lived along the streets of the old town full of music and entertainment.

Book your hotel in Prague




The capital city of Austria with its glorious imperial past, it's the perfect destination for people wishing to see real cultural and architectural wonders and savour the well-known local cooking.

Book your  hotel in Vienna