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Cities of Fun

Are you looking for a place to spend some days together with your friends, where you can find fun and a hectic nightlife?  

Hotelfriends has selected for you the best proposals in the most famous cities of fun, in Italy and in the rest of Europe.

Compare the proposals and book the most suitable hotel for you and your friends.




Happy hours in the beach bars, eventful nights in the street bars and music till dawn in the famous discos of the coast, among which the well-known Cocoricò.

Book your hotel at Riccione




It offers fun till the early hours in the many discos of the coast, among which the Blow up, one of the most famous discos of the Romagnol Riviera.

Book your hotel at Rimini




The capital city of Italy offers many opportunities to have fun: nightclubs and discos liven up the nightlife. A night not to be missed in the famous Piper Club

Book your hotel in Rome




Events to suit all tastes, liven up the nights of the " Milano da bere"(Milan to drink). Famous joints such as the Lollapalooza, the Old Fashion and the Hollywood are the perfect places to have fun and meet people.

Book your hotel in Milan




The metropolis offers many ways to have fun: from the notorious pubs to the countless nights, passing on the most famous discos such as the Ministry of Sound, Fabric or the The End

Book your hotel in London




Thanks to its countless bars, discos and nightclubs, you can feel the lively atmosphere of the Catalan metropolis. A night not to be missed in the Fellini Club

Book your hotel in Barcelona




Almost all the districts of the city centres are crowded till dawn and full of joints, clubs and discos. 
Balajo e Barrio Latino discos located in the Bastiglia region give everybody the chance to have fun.

Book your hotel in Paris




City of the “movida” par excellence, the capital  of Spain is the realm of fun: coffee shops and bars are the centres of social life , in addition to  many discos, such as the Joy Madrid or Kapital.

Book your hotel in Madrid




The night view of Amsterdam is incomparable: hundreds of  performance and eventi succeed in meeting every night the needs of anyone. A night not to be missed at the Escape, the biggest disco in the city.

Book your hotel in Amsterdam




It’ s the youngest capital with a lively and hectic nightlife, where you can find  pubs at every corner of the street: from the old tradition ones to the ultramodern clubs, such as The Long Hall.

Book your hotel in Dublin




Prague nightlife is very intense, livened up by discos, pubs and nightclubs playing live music. Karlovy Lázne, a five-storey building, is the biggest disco in the Central Europe.

Book your hotel in Prague